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Choose The Right BBQ Grill Tool Set For You

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Choose the Right BBQ Grill Tool Set for You

Some of the products reviewed here are country specific and may not be available in the Amazon US store

The 10 Best Barbecue Grill Tool Sets for 2017

With Summer now upon us, it’s time to wheel out the old barbecue or outdoor grill and get cooking. But some of those “last year’s tools” may be looking a bit rusty and worse for wear. So you might be thinking about buying a new set of tools. We’ve already reviewed some individual tools, but here we’re going to take a look at some tool sets and make some recommendations.

Our criteria

The criteria we’ve used for our choices are:

● Practicality and ease-of-use (size, shape)

● Safety (heat resistant, non-slip grip, etc)

● Durability (strong, corrosion-free materials to last more than a season)

● Looks, appearance and esthetics

● Price

10 Best BBQ Tool Sets

Ultranatura Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set in Aluminium Case

Best BBQ tool Sets - 01 - (Ultranatura-Stainless-Steel-Grill-Tool-Set---3-Piece-Set-in-Aluminium-Case) -1

Ultranatura Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set

For a bargain price you can have this set of three BBQ tools: spatula, BBQ fork and tongs. Each tool is made from one-piece steel and features insulated handles. In addition to the case, for long term storage, each tool has an eye for hanging, so they are conveniently available when you are at the BBQ or grill.

Within the case, the tools don’t fall around loose, but rather each have their own fixed place. However, these fixed places involve securing the tools with velcro, which will inevitably wear out or lose its grip after a while. There is no actual moulding or sponge padding around the tools. But then again, at this price you couldn’t really expect it.

The case measures 14 x 4 x 3 inches (37 x 10 x 8.5 cm) and is made from weather-resistant aluminium and is partially reinforced aluminium – at the corners and edges. It is secure, yet easy to open (with two hands) and the handle is comfortable to hold.

The spatula has a large head, suitable for those softer cuts that tend to be floppy, like chicken steaks or fish. But it’s size makes it suitable for big cuts like T-bone steaks. The three slots are sized just right to let the juices flow through. The tongs have just the right amount of grip to be easy to use and hold the meat just right whether it be a firm cut or a soft one.

The fork is sharp, but ideal for removing the firmer cuts of meat from the grill. For fish and softer cuts, I suggest using the spatula. However, if you are looking for long tools, then this set is not for you. They are 35cm. That is long enough to use on a small grill, but if you have a large grill, then you would need to look elsewhere for a longer set.

Having said that, what is particularly appealing about this tool set is its appearance. The bright silvery sheen of both the tools themselves and the case, makes this whole set a pleasure to behold. Also the use of stainless steel throughout makes it very hygienic. And it is built to last. This is a tool set that is well worth considering.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 02 - (Ultranatura-Stainless-Steel-Grill-Tool-Set---3-Piece-Set-in-Aluminium-Case) -2

Ultranatura Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set

Denkich Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set 

Best BBQ tool Sets - 03 - (Denkich-Stainless-Steel-BBQ-Tool-Set-3-Piece-Set-in-Carry-Case) -1

Denkich Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set


Another fine set of stainless steel tools, with their own carry bag, again consisting of the classic spatula, tongs and fork. This set – exclusively from Denkich – also includes a bottle opener built into the spatula. And while we’re on the subject of the spatula, in addition to the slots to let the juices flow out of the meat, it also has a serrated edge and on the other side a few large teeth.

The tongs have five teeth on each side. They describe these as being for clamping sausages and hot dogs, but they are also useful for gripping soft raw meat if you use them for putting chicken on the grill or for turning the meat. In earlier versions, the tongs were sprung so powerfully that they were almost unusable. However, in response to customer feedback they made some adjustments and now the tongs are just right.

The steel is 1.6mm thick, making the tools quite rigid and sturdy – perfect for barbecue use. And unlike the Ultranatura above, these tools are long. The Spatula and fork are just over 16 inches and the tongs just under. And they all have metal hanging hooks.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 04 - (Denkich-Stainless-Steel-BBQ-Tool-Set-3-Piece-Set-in-Carry-Case) -2

Denkich Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set


Barbecue 4 Piece Set 

Best BBQ tool Sets - 05 - (Barbecue-4-Pcs-Set-In-Brush,-fork,-spatula-and-tongs)

Barbecue 4 Pieces Set

This four piece set in stainless steel with natural wood handles throws in a basting brush in addition to the traditional spatula, tongs and fork. Unfortunately, the spatula is not slotted, so it will not let the juices flow freely out of the meat. Also the head is quite small.

They don’t have a carry case, but they do come with leather hanging looks.

The trouble is that they appear to be stamped and the rough edges haven’t been buffed or polished. This means that you might cut yourself just by hand cleaning the items too roughly. If you are going to by this set, we suggest buffing it with sandpaper.

So why do I recommend it all? Two reasons. First of all the tools are suitable long. Secondly, the price. At this price – and taking the good points into account – it just about falls in the zone that I can recommend.

Aonokoy 16-piece Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set with carry case

Best BBQ tool Sets - 06 - (Aonokoy-BBQ-Tool-Set-16-piece-Practical-Barbeque-Tool-Sets-Stainless-Steel-Grill-Utensil-Set-with-carry-case) -1

Aonokoy BBQ Tool Set

In some way similar to the Denkich tool set, this one appears to be on steroids. In addition to the standard spatula, tongs and fork, this one throws in a carving knife, four skewers and eight corn holders.

If you like to do sheesh kebabs or corn-on-cob (corn), this is the barbecue tool set you need. And it’s all stored away in a sturdy carry case that can be opened flat. But again, remember that velcro doesn’t last forever.

The tools on the other hand will last a long time. They are made of high quality stainless steel (1.6mm thick) and are dishwasher safe. The tools also have steel eyelets for hanging on hooks. This is always useful if your grill has hooks to hang them on. However, I would think twice about hanging the knife.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 07 - (Aonokoy-BBQ-Tool-Set-16-piece-Practical-Barbeque-Tool-Sets-Stainless-Steel-Grill-Utensil-Set-with-carry-case) -2

Aonokoy BBQ Tool Set

VonHaus 18 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Utensil Set + Aluminium Carry Case

Best BBQ tool Sets - 08 - (VonHaus-18-Piece-Stainless-Steel-BBQ-Utensil-Set-+-Aluminium-Carry-Case) -1

VonHaus 18 Piece Stainless Steel

We’re moving up a notch here, into the big league. This stainless steel set contains tongs, spatula, long barbecue knife, barbecue fork, wire BBQ cleaning brush (however, see our TIPS AND TRICKS on how to clean your barbecue), basting brush plus four skewers and eight corn holders. And all this in a sturdy aluminium carry case and backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

This is a set which has almost everything you need, plus some things that you probably don’t. (Our article about cleaning barbecues advises against using a wire brush.)

These tools are strong and sturdy from their one piece stainless steel construction to their well-designed, heat resistant handles. The tongs, which they suggest for arranging the food on the grill are also perfect for turning the food over, using the teeth on one side to grip the raw side of the meat. (See our article on Food Hygiene when turning meat on the grill.)

Like all well-designed tools, these tools have steel eyelets for hanging them as an alternative to storing them in the carry case. These are long tools that are ideally suited to barbecue use.

However, there is one drawback to this set: the skewers. On the outside, the look like solid metal, but they have a plastic inner handle which cannot take the heat. When it gets hot, it melts and the handle comes off. This is rather surprising for a tool set that is so good in other respects.

You can try to work around this problem. For example, you could try putting the meat at the far end of the skewer and putting the skewers on in such a way as to keep their heads well away from the heat. But we cannot vouch for this method. The only thing we can say is that when you use the skewers in the normal way, the handles fall off. So only buy this tool set if it would seem value for money without the skewers.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 09 - (VonHaus-18-Piece-Stainless-Steel-BBQ-Utensil-Set-+-Aluminium-Carry-Case) -2

VonHaus 18 Piece Stainless Steel

Esschert Gt37 BBQ Tools

Best BBQ tool Sets - 10 - (Esschert-Gt37-50-x-26-x-5cm-BBQ-Tools-Wood_-Metal---Multi-color)


At the upper end of the price range for a set of only four pieces, these tools are still worth considering. They are quite sturdy, but not all that long. The combination of wood and metal is nice. The tongs, spatula and fork all have good, solid feel about them.

The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for the basting brush. It is flimsy in the extreme and it started to shed fibres after one use. By the second, it was suffering from whatever is a basting brushes equivalent of alopecia. The strong canvas back gives this set a distinctly outback or overland trail look. Which leads me to suspect that it was designed for campers rather than home users. Certainly it seems hard to justify the price when there are better sets out there for less.

If you want a set of tools that you can take with you on the road – or rather off the road – then this is it. If you do all or most of your grilling at home, get one of the others.

Laguiole Set of 3 BBQ Accessories

Best BBQ tool Sets - 11 - (Laguiole : Set of 3 : BBQ Accessories) -1


This set of three (spatula, tongs and fork) don’t look as “tough” as some of the earlier, similarly-priced sets. Added to the fact that it has no carry case, would seem to put it at a disadvantage. However, it shouldn’t be written off completely.

First of all the products certainly pass muster in the length department. The fork is 44 cm, the spatula 43 cm and the tongs a whopping 45.5 cm – easily enough to use on a large grill while keeping your hands away from the flame.

Secondly, these tools are hand forged from Cromova 18 Steel – the same proprietary steel that Japanese toolmakers Global use for their knives. (The name derives from the fact that the steel contains a mixture of molybdenum, vanadium and chromium. The actual quantities are apparently a trade secret of Global.)

Finally, the manufacturers offer a five year guarantee.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 12 - (Laguiole : Set of 3 : BBQ Accessories) -2


NFL Stainless Steel BBQ Set

Best BBQ tool Sets - 13 - (NFL Stainless Steel BBQ Set)

NFL Stainless Steel

This set is built around the gimmick that you can buy it with the emblem of your favorite NFL (American) football team on it. (it is officially licensed by the NFL.) I should warn you however that the emblems are not engraved or even welded on. They are just stickers and they are stuck on with glue. I’m not sure if there’ll be a big market for this outside North America but you never know.

The tools are made of 420 grade stainless steel and are imported from Amazon US. The set comprises a slotted spatula with a serrated edge and a built in bottle opener, a fork in which the prongs curve inward (presumably a safety feature) and tongs. The tongs have angled serrated edges, but the serrations are not exactly what I would call sharp. The whole design of this product seems to suggest that the makers are worried that you might hurt yourself. On the positive side, if you have children, they are less likely to get hurt if they get their hands on this product.

If you buy it in the UK, the price (which varies according to which team you chose) will include an “import fees deposit”). This is used to cover the import fees into Europe and may vary, so it is not guaranteed to be the final amount. If the final amount is less, you will receive a refund. If it is more, an additional charge will be added.

I can’t say I recommend this to European customers. But if you are an American football fan, or are planning to buy the set as a present for someone who is, then you might think otherwise.

The tools have hanging hooks, but no special case or bag.

Oliphant 2253 BBQ Tool Set

Best BBQ tool Sets - 14 - (Oliphant-2253-BBQ-Tool-Set---Black-(14-Piece) -1

Elephant 2253 BBQ Tool Set

This one contains a spatula, tongs, fork, grill cleaning brush, two skewers and eight corn holders – all made of stainless steel, in a reinforced aluminium carry case. The handles of the tools are insulated.

I would have preferred a barbecue knife to the grill cleaning brush. My views about cleaning grills with wire brushes have been made very clear elsewhere on this site. Knives on the hand, will always come in handy.

Two skewers, honestly, seems like two or even four too few. However, in practice the skewers here suffer from the same problem as the Von Haus (which appears to be the older brother of this set: the plastic inner holder of the handle melts in the heat and the handles come off. So in practice the skewers are two too many. Until this problem is sorted out, we would advise not using the skewers. So again, as I advised with the VonHaus, the set is only worthwhile if the price would seem right to you without the skewers being there at all.

Best BBQ tool Sets - 15 - (Oliphant-2253-BBQ-Tool-Set---Black-(14-Piece) -2

Elephant 2253 BBQ Tool Set

Prima 11 Piece BBQ Stainless Steel Cooking Tool Set With Carry Bag

This set is eleven features stainless steel tools with wooden handles. The tools are: tongs, slotted spatula, fork, basting/coating brush, two skewers and four corn holders. All this is a black zip-up bag.

The tools are pretty conventional, neither the sturdiest nor the weakest, but somewhere in the middle. To be more specific, one of the skewers proved not quite up to the job and the bag didn’t hold up too well either. But the rest of the tools seem reliable enough.

The price is just about in the ball park, although I would have felt more comfortable about recommending it if it were slightly cheaper.

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